40 Simple Logos Most People Won’t Be Able To Identify

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Modern society is saturated with brands, logos, businesses, and advertisements. Many believe that this is a new phenomenon. However, logo design has been around for hundreds of years. Many communication methods exist to communicate the human condition, identity and ideology.

Visual communication began between 70,000 BC to 7000 BC when primitive people painted animals on cave walls. Egypt’s rich tapestry and vivid visuals are a hallmark of its history. Around 8000 BC, pottery was the most popular form of art in which people could express their opinions on culture, ethics and politics. Logos and visual communication are not new. They have been around for a long time.

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The majority of the population in the middle ages was not literate. Therefore, visual communication was vital. Shops began to put signs up to identify the goods or services they were selling. Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, changed everything. Print production became more common, paving the way for modern logo designs to be used as a form identity.

The impact of social media on branding has been immense. Social media, which was once a space for people to connect has now been overtaken by advertisements that promote consumer behavior and technological trends. These logos are ubiquitous and should be easy to recognize.