50 Questions Every Disney Fan Should Be Able To Answer!

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We have an important question to ask you before we even begin by taking the quiz…are you an avid Disney fan? Do you really an actual Disney fan? Many people claim they are knowledgeable about Disney but not many of them can say they know much about the movies themselves. Are you sure that you know some facts about some of the classic Disney stories and maybe some of the more recent ones too?

If so, then dive in to this quiz. Below, you will find 50 questions that any Disney fan ought to be able to answer. Even a superficial Disney fan. If all you’ve been doing was watching Disney films, and you’ve never taken the time to learn anything about what happens in the background, you’ll certainly be able answer all of the questions above correctly.

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Let me repeat this. Each answer to each question on this quiz is found within the films. It’s not necessary to search for it. This means that if consider yourself to be a fervent fan of Walt Disney and his company’s activities, start with the following 50 questions that you must be able to answer. If you don’t come out knowing…well I’m not sure so you’ll be able to get away with it, I guess…but you’ll be forced to endure the shame.