50 Questions Every TV Junkie Knows The Answer To… Do You?

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It’s apparent to us that we’re living in an era of escapism. A world where we’re always looking for ways to step out of our heads and into the imaginary worlds provided to us, often to get rid of the stress our lives create every day. It’s not a problem however, we all know someone who takes things to the extreme and that person is usually being us! We’re talking about the TV addicts those who cannot seem to put down the television in their living rooms.

There are many of us out in the world, so we decided to create a test that puts all of our expertise to the test. This could really set apart people who consider themselves part timers from true TV addicts. In order to do this we’ve put together a set of questions we believe will test your TV understanding, and will cover the multitude of shows that have graced the screen, giving you the opportunity to show your knowledge and the length of time you’ve spent on the couch and taking in the entire experience.

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Do you think you’re prepared to take this test? Do you want to know what kind of television fan you are? Let’s discover!