50 Questions Only A Girl Can Answer

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Although being a woman can be difficult, it is not impossible for us girls to make it seem easy. It’s difficult to manage our emotions and maintain our self-esteem when our friends live a glamorous life on Facebook and Instagram. Despite our delicate appearance, we are just as strong as the diamonds that we love.

We have proven that we can do anything a man can do, whether it be flying a plane or performing surgery. And guess what? All that we can do, and still love cats, pink roses and Sex and the City, is possible. We don’t have to be difficult to be challenging!

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Women are more likely to be close to their friends than their male counterparts, and to live longer. It could be that we are able to manage stress even when doing ten things simultaneously (which can happen quite often). When things get difficult, we call our girlfriends and have a good cry. Then we are ready to face the world once again in no time.

Girls love keeping up with the news, whether it be the latest fashions or gossip from the celebrity world. This quiz is easy for girls!