Answer These Questions And We’ll Guess How Many People You’ve Dated

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We are always thinking about our sexual desires. It beats worrying about work. But sex has its own set of worries. Ego can be tied down to it. What number of people you have slept with – if there are too many, it is too few. If the experiences were lacking in spice, they will say you are boring. If you love experimentation, they will say you are a pervert. We believe that you can’t truly live until you’ve lived in a boiler room with no circulation. Maybe that’s just us. Pinhead’s refrain, “Demons to some, Angels to others” is something we can really grasp. Or, to each their own as they also say.

To get back to the point, the badge or mark of stigma refers to the number of sexual partners that we have had. As a woman, I was taught to multiply the words of women by three and then divide them by three. Unfortunately, the one side of this equation is more likely to win by saying they have had more conquests than their counterpart. You and I both know that girls can be just as good players as boys.

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The Quiz is able to put together a personality test because we have sex experience and people knowledge. Answering our questions will help us guess how many relationships you have had. We won’t share your data with your partner and we won’t ask for it.