Answer These Simple Questions To Find Out If Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

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The first signs of spring are just close to the mark and love is certainly present. Soon, flowers will be blooming and maybe love too for those lucky couples. But is it possible that spring will arrive too early? If your relationship is taking off, you may be thinking that it’s too soon to tell whether love is real or not. Are you too eager to say those three magical words? You don’t want to wait too long or it might become an awkward waiting-for-the-other-to-say-it-first situation. You also don’t want to announce it too soon or you could come across as overwhelmed, rushed or emotionally attached. Being aware of how serious the relationship is developing is a difficult thing to determine. Being aware of the feelings that each person has for each other can be difficult to convey without sounding sexy or awe-inspiring. Love is a long-term game and we’re here to assist! By answering these questions about your relationship and love life, you’ll gain a better understanding of the speed or how slow you are going. Use this test to determine whether it’s the right moment for you to tell someone “I love you” or whether you’re rushing too quickly.

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