Are These 35 Pokémon Legendary?

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Over 800 Pokemon are now on our 3DS screens. Naming them all (and even catching them!) has become one of the most difficult games of memory match. What generation is that one from? Is this one related to a baby Pokemon? We don’t know.

This can make it difficult to access the series if you are traveling. How can you tell which Pokemon are rare? Which ones are best at battling? With such a large number of characters, there are many questions. It can be quite simple to identify which Pokemon are legendary.

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A Legendary Pokemon is usually distinguished in games by having a sprite that can be found in the overworld, and requires some sort of long exploration through a cave in order to reach it. There are so many Pokemon games out now, and not all Legendaries follow that format. Some of you may have forgotten what these Pokemon look like. This is where the challenge begins.

These Pokemon are Legendary or Not?