Are These Makeup Brands High-End Or Drugstore? Real Beauty Gurus Will Know…

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One thing that the majority of makeup enthusiasts will inform you is that every makeup isn’t created equal. There is a certain brand (or two or even ten) that is their most favored, whether it includes top-quality one that are available at Sephora or a less expensive one at your neighborhood Target and Walmart. Most of the makeup brands sold at Target are frequently called “drugstore” because back in the days they were typically bought from local pharmacies rather than the more expensive stores that were specialized in selling beauty products.

There was a noticeable difference between these two products but today, the difference between the drugstore and premium makeup is difficult to tell! With the advancements in the field of cosmetology, manufacturers are able to create cheaper products with the same high-end quality as many of the premium products. With comparable packaging, as well, which is crucial since we all know that design is a powerful selling aspect.

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Selecting a drugstore brand from of a selection of luxury brands is quite impressive skill to possess. Do you believe you’re well-versed with the ins and cons of beauty to be able to figure out which brands belong to where? Do you have proof?