Are You A Harry Potter Fan? Try Passing The NEWTs Test That Only A Ravenclaw Could Ace!

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Hogwarts students are taught a variety of magical subjects while at Hogwarts such as Charms and Transfiguration, Herbology, Magical History, Divination and the The Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Potions to mention just the most popular.

It is also important that all the knowledge students at Hogwarts acquire from the previously classes must be examined. In five years, Hogwarts students take O.W.Ls which are the Regular Wizarding Level tests, which determine if a student will be permitted to continue in the class they are in and determines what kind of profession that students are eligible to pursue after finishing Hogwarts.

In the seventh year of Hogwarts students are faced with another challenge that is even more daunting – N.E.W.Ts which is also called Nastily Exams for Exhausting Wizarding. This test evaluates a student’s skills in a particular area and, in turn, determines the type of career that a student is in a position to pursue following graduation from Hogwarts. For instance, a person who wishes to become an Auror however fails his N.E.W.T test cannot be an Auror.

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The name says it all, N.E.W.Ts are incredibly difficult and stressful. However, students aren’t required to attend them if they do NOT desire to. So, what do you think? Do you think you could get through your N.E.W.T test? Give it a shot the shot!