Are You Stupid? Take Our 60-Second Test!

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A lot of people think they are stupid, and who would ever want to admit to something like this to them? But it’s not only arrogance and willful ignorance that can convince us that we’re superior to others however, ignorance is also a factor.

There’s even an expression in psychology for this exact thing called the Dunning-Kruger effect. The idea is that one’s ignorance helps to protect themselves from the ignorance of others since if you don’t realize how much you don’t know there is no way to know how foolish you might actually be. Insanity is bliss in the words of.

However, it’s not solely about knowledge and skills, but also about the ability of people to grasp concepts or concepts, to understand things, and to solve problems. The Dunning-Kruger Effect could also be applied, in this manner to one’s performance in any given task. In other words, the person has no way of knowing if they’re performing something incorrectly (though it could appear obvious to more knowledgeable person) They will think they’re doing it correctly.

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In this test we’ll remove your veil of insanity that hangs over your mind, no matter how terrifying it may be. We’ve put together 25 questions, most of that are based on research-based information that shows the unique way that our actions or genes often reveal our level of intelligence. When taken as a whole, they’re insufficient to assess someone’s intelligence. Together, they’re significantly more likely to identify whether someone is smart, intelligent or is a complete idiot.

Take a deep breath The moment to be honest is near. Are you a moron? Take the test, answer honestly, and then find out.