Only A Real Man Can Name All Of These Athletes. Can You?

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If you’ve ever debated with your pals on who has more knowledge about sports, this test could be the answer to making sure you know the best.

This test will feature some of the most famous professional athletes around the globe at the moment, and players who aren’t quite as well-known. For your convenience we’ll provide the headshot of the athlete along with a short description of the athlete. We’ll provide as little information as we can in the blurb to ensure that the answers aren’t evident. It’s also multi-choice and there’s no reason to not be successful.

The athletes will be selected from the five main sports of North America (football, basketball hockey, baseball, and soccer) and a few surprise elements. It will require a thorough understanding of all sports but don’t worry even if you don’t have any acquaintances in a particular sport. If you’re not missing the sports you are familiar with it is still possible to score an excellent score.

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This won’t mean the conclusion of the argument with your buddies – identifying the athletes by their face is only one aspect of knowing about sports.

What are you waiting around for? Scroll down for a quick start!