5 Best Free Web Hosting Providers You Can Try in 2020

Are you looking for some of the best free web hosting providers to test your web designing skills or you don’t want to pay for your web hosting as a newcomer?

Who doesn’t love free stuff? We all love it. Don’t you?

In your lifetime, you might have received so many free stuff like T-shirts, toys, and many more.

So can’t that be happened in the web hosting industry?

As a newcomer to the web development industry, you might need to try your skills for free for the first time before investing in a bigger plan. This is a situation where free web hosting services can help you.

Before using paid plans, you can build and host websites, thanks to some free web hosting services.

But how to find them?


That is why I have prepared a list of free web hosting services to assist you in choosing the best among them.

1. Infinityfree.net

The number one on my list when talking about the best free web hosting providers is infinityfree.net. According to whois, the website of the company was started in 2015. This is relatively a small player in the big market. They give their services to over 200,000 customers.

Although relatively being new, infinityfree is the most feature-rich free web hosting service provider in the industry.

It offers the following features to its users.


Their unlimited bandwidth and storage come with some restrictions. Therefore the statement of “Unlimited bandwidth and storage” is questionable.

Also, they have put some uploading restrictions on some types of files and contents.

But for a newcomer, infinityfree.net is the best place to start with.

2. 000webhost.com

This is the second in my list. Being a free service, 000webhost.com definitely comes with some restrictions.

The free hosting plan allows you to host a limited number of websites, and also, they apply some limitations on bandwidth and disk space.

The purpose of the limitation is to provide a fair service to all users. You know that free hosting is a perfect place to learn. Also, you can do some experiments without paying a penny.

To create a free web hosting account with 000webhost.com, you don’t even need to link a credit card or any other payment information. The service will be entirely free for a lifetime.

They allow you to create two websites per account.


They only offer 10GB bandwidth and 1GB disk space. Also, they don’t provide a live support service for free web hosting plans.

3. Awardspace.com

This is another great free hosting service provider with experiences over 15 years in the industry.

Unlike other free web hosting services, awardspace.com mentioned on their site that they offer 24/7 live support for free hosting packages.

With awardspace.com free plan, you can host up to 4 websites. Also, they guarantee that the uptime is almost 99.9%. Same time they support one-click CMS installations.


Being a free service awardspace.com free plan comes with some severe limitations.

You will be given 5GB bandwidth and a 1GB disk space.

But the good news is that they give you 24/7 support with the free plan. However, this is an excellent place to start and test your web developing skills.

4. Freehosting.com

This is a company with a very long history. According to the whois, freehosting.com was started way back in 1996.

According to their site, they offer you a lifetime free hosting facility to host your website. You could host your own domain name with them, even if you bought them from another registrar.

With their free hosting plan, you can offer your users unlimited downloads as long as your site complies with their fair use policy.

When your website grows, you may need more resources. In that case, they offer you a one time billed addons so that you can extend your account. But you can keep your hosting for free for a lifetime.


When it comes to thinking about restrictions on their free plan, they don’t offer to host free subdomains like user.example.tld. You need to own a registered domain to host with them.

Also, they don’t allow you to host free domains like .tk, .ml, .ga, etc. That is ok. Because those free domains are used to create spam websites. You can buy a domain name for a very cheap price. For example, .xyz domains can be registered below $2 now.

They don’t offer their any service to the people who come from Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Vietnam.

5. Freehostia.com

Fifth and last one on my list is freehostia.com.

The company was started in 2005. The free plan of them (They call it Chocolate free web hosting plan J) allows you to create up to 5 websites.

Also, they allow you to install many free web applications, including WordPress, Joomla with just a click.


The most significant barrier is their disk space. They only allow 250MB disk space. That is too low.

Unreliable uptime and very slow speed is another downside of this free hosting service.

These services from the above best free web hosting providers might work for hosting a simple site or for hosting a low traffic blog. But being free, this is a good starting point for newcomers.