Best VPS Hosting Providers That You Need to Use in 2020

Are you looking for a VPS to host your website but don’t know who the best VPS hosting providers are? Ok. No worries. In this guide, I will give you a list of VPS hosting service providers so that you can select one among them.

Over the last decade, most of the users selected shared hosting plans to host their website since shared hosting is relatively cheap than other hosting plans.

As a beginner, a shared hosting plan is enough to start. But the real problem comes when they begin receiving a high amount of traffic. At that time, the bandwidth offered by their shared hosting plan will not be enough.

Therefore you will need to move to a VPS hosting plan. Because VPS hosting allows you to host and manage your sites easier and much faster than other conventional hosting plans.

Here is the list of best VPS hosting providers list that you can select to host your website.

GoDaddy VPS


This is a very popular and larger scale VPS hosting provider that allows you to get your Virtual Private Server with unlimited bandwidth. With their VPS you can get both Linux and Windows operating systems with full management capabilities.

That means that you can forget about server upgrades, configurations, and settings since the company takes care of all those things.

As a customer, you can stop wasting time thinking about server-side maintenance and focus on the success of your site.

GoDaddy offers you four types of plans named as Launch, Enhance, Grow,  and, Expand. Also, they provide different levels of VPS management services called Managed, Self managed. For their full management support, you will need to pay some extra money.

Hostinger VPS hosting

Hostinger provides you with six levels of hosting plans so that you can choose one among them that fits your needs.

Their starter plan gives you 1 CPU, 1GB memory, 20GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. If you want more power than the starter plan, you can go for any other higher plans they offer.

Usually, Hostinger VPS hosting is 30x faster than average shared hosting services. So if the speed is more important for you, then Hostinger is the company you should start.

Inmotion Host

In addition to their solid customer service, as a user, you will get almost 100% (>99.95%) uptime guarantee with Inmotion Hosting.

Their hosting service is highly recommended if your priority is server performances. This is not a well known hosting service provider, such as other hosting providers. But Inmotion hosting is one of the most underrated gems there.

The number of features you can get with their hosting plans make them a great choice for power users.

Inmotionhosting Managed VPS Plans

Inmotionhosting Self Managed VPS Plans


While VPS servers are cheaper than dedicated servers, they are still pricey on most of the hosting providers. But Hostgator offers packages for a reasonable price.

Especially their VPS hosting plans are suitable for most of the bloggers. Some of the key features that you can see with Hostgator are one-click system upgrades, full root access, and offsite backups.


This a top-quality VPS hosting service provider with a great level of live support. As a result, SiteGround hosting service is suitable for both experienced users and new users.

SiteGround should be a great choice due to its reliability and speed they offer.

Here I have given you a list of best VPS hosting providers that you can try in 2020. Don’t forget that there are no such things, such as perfect hosting providers. All of them are having both advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless of the VPS hosting service that you choose to host your site in 2020, surely above ones are the best in the industry right now.