If You Don’t Pass This Quiz, You’re Totally Whipped

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Every relationship has plenty of give-and-take. However, in the end, all your sacrifices ought to be worth the love you gain in return. But, there are men who don’t know how to refuse an attractive woman , and consequently they get caught up in a tense relationship that is completely in love with.

You’ve probably had several friends who’ve been too involved on their relationship and let the girls take over them. Do you have any idea if this is occurring to you?

The relationship dynamic usually begins with the honeymoon phase which is when men are thrilled to leave their buddies to be with their girlfriend. After the excitement of the relationship has waned the majority of people recognize that it’s important to spend time with your family and friends as well as your own personal objectives.

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But, if your partner is a master manipulator, you might not be aware that it’s been a while when you’ve not fought back with your boys or did anything to improve yourself.

Let’s determine whether you’re a loving partner, or are completely manipulated by your sassy girlfriend.