Build A Super Villain Team To Find Out Your Super Power

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After ten years of seeing the heroes win over the villains at the end of all Marvel movies, audiences wanted a refreshing change in pace with the highly anticipated Avengers. For better or worse, audiences got what they had been waiting for, as Thanos defeated the Avengers, Guardians and half of the universe before the movie ended. This could be a sign of a change in the genre, where heroes may not be as powerful as they appear to be.

The question is still open as to why supervillains have been so hopeless in the past. You aren’t the one who assembled the super villain teams, if that’s what we can say.

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You probably think of yourself as a bit expert on villains if you clicked this quiz. It’s time for you to put all your years of movie and comic book reading to the test. You will be assembling your own team to defeat the most powerful villains. We will be curious to see what you are capable of doing if you lead this team of super villains.