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Hey ladies! What do you think of as the thought of the perfect guy? Someone who is perfect for dating, complete with personality, looks, and genetics? Then, how are you sure that the men who would be your dream are real?

It’s a challenge these days to find that perfect man to meet. Sometimes we compromise things we would like to have. We might give up the height to date the smartest guy who is small. Perhaps we will have to give up a guy with a sense of humor to a guy with a good look instead. In this game you will be able to create the perfect person for yourself! You can make someone with the appearance you like as well as the personality you’d like and the characteristics you desire… it’s possible that you will possess everything you desire in a person.

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However, this doesn’t have a snare. You are certainly attracted by the thought of being able to design the man for yourself However, it’s not for free. It’s true that the title is correct. When you have created the man you’d like to be and we’ll reveal the persona you’ve been hiding. It is possible that you will discover something new about yourself and you might not like the things you hear! Have fun!

Complete this test to create your ideal man and uncover the hidden side of you!