Build Your Suicide Squad And We’ll Tell You if You’ll Save the World

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The heroes have been to shine. Now it’s time for the villains’ turn to shine! The film Suicide Squad was the first comic book movie to have an entire group of villains instead of heroes. Of course they all came into one team to help save humanity (a heroic action) and they did it with a scream! Agent Amanda Waller created Task Force X to perform the dirty work that the government could not perform in public and the superheroes of the world were unable to.

Sometimes, it’s so good being bad. The criminals do not have to worry about things like losing their convictions or being a target for causing a lot of property destruction or civilian injuries. Instead, they are able to get into the situation, escape and become the victims if anything goes wrong. Of of course, if you’re member of the suicide squad, there are bomb collars that can explode in the event that you try to get out or are a bit smart to your boss…

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In any case, pretend you’re Amanda Waller herself, and that the government has assigned you with assembling the most powerful villains you’ve ever met to embark on an adventure for the sake of saving our world. Create your own Suicide Squad and we’ll tell that you’ll are able to save this world!