Can You Beat The Ultimate Final Fantasy Quiz?

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Final Fantasy is the fantasy story that never ends which has brought forth charming characters with new charm and new plots each game. The original game is barely recognizable with rows of sprites representing characters and enemies with names that are four letters, however the most recent games are real enough to trick viewers into believing that they’re actually playing with humans.

The graphics engine isn’t the only change that has occurred. Sweet yellow chocobos have occupied every role in the game from summoner and battle horse to petting zoo animals. There are only a few creatures from cactaurs to malboros have been able to carry on from game-to-game, however, the mythology they carry in them will trigger an uproar each time a release date is announced.

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Are you the one who has what is required to take this test to success? What do you know about the ins and outs in this Final Fantasy world, the loved characters such as Cloud and Yuna and the core elements that are carried across games? Do you have a good memory of the fundamental elements that are what make Final Fantasy what it is and not just a collection of different games with the same name? Are you a Final Fantasy fanatic?