Can You Get 100% On This Matrix Quiz Or Did You Take The Blue Pill?

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What will you see when you think of leather trench coats black hair that has been slicked with gel, with the cutest sunglasses that have no frames?

Obviously the Matrix. The Wachowskis have created this cyberpunk-themed series that explores the human’s technological decline where computers are portrayed and philosophy is paired with action-adventure. The creators took a witty reference to William Gibson’s work, Neuromancer and created The Matrix world built out of binary code that only hackers have access to the world and included a bit of Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss love story.

The series served as an source of inspiration for sci-fi as it was a philosophical exploration of free will, determinism and causality in the protagonists Neo, Agent Smith, and The Merovingian. In addition, the visual effects of The Matrix were off the top of the line! It’s probably why the first film in the series won 4 technical Academy Awards. It’s because they invented “bullet-time” so that Neo could be observed navigating the binary system using a unique skill. How cool is this? This test will cover questions on The (historical) Second Renaissance , The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded along with The Matrix Revolutions.

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What’s the truth? Is our reality truly manufactured by machines? Are you able to score 100 percent on this Matrix test or did you just take Blue Pill?