Can You Guess The Name Of This Movie From One Picture?

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Many films have survived the test of time since the first one was shown. While some films are highly praised by critics others are remembered for being popular and having an impact on culture in general. Let’s not forget the nostalgic films that we saw as children, which are still fondly remembered to this day. It seems that movies with any sense of originality these days are very rare, as Hollywood keeps making the same old stuff.

These include remakes or sequels to popular films, as well adaptations of classic cartoons and books. Sometimes, however, a film leaves an impression on viewers that inspires others to make similar films or changes the way the film industry works.

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This was true for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and George Lucas’ Star Wars. They gave birth to the modern blockbuster film, which is still being made today despite its mixed success. There are also films that were not initially well-received at their release but gained popularity over time and became cult-hits. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about movies.