Can You Guess The Person’s Gender At Birth?

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The appearance of things can be misleading The old saying goes “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” This can be a brain-teasing exercise because it poses a straightforward question: Can you identify the genitalia of a person at birth simply by taking a look at their current picture?

In a lot of photos in which transgender individuals are featured, they are often shown. “Transgender” is an all-inclusive word that encompasses: 1)) transsexuals, people who would like to be the opposite gender from the gender that they were raised with and 2) transvestites, who want to dress as the opposite gender of their birth, 3.) people of no specific gender like hermaphrodites (also called “intersex”) who are individuals born with male and female genitalia and, four) people who don’t want to be categorized as masculine or feminine.

The most important thing to do in this test is to be aware of how people appear in photographs may be similar to how they sported at birth, or not. They could be sporting the same type of genitalia the day they first came into this world, or they may have undergone surgical procedure to reassign their sexual organs. They might not have any desire to change their sexual organs, and instead like dressing in a different gender’s clothing.

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With that in mind, are willing to go through the gender-bender mind-bender? We have 25 questions to test how well you do in determining the gender someone had been assigned when they were born just by looking at their photograph. Because this quiz is a guessing game about photographs, we’ve added transgender interesting facts for every question that is not directly connected to the particular photo. Otherwise we’d need to divulge all of the answers that are correct.