Can You Match The Video Game To Their Logo?

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Video games are kind of an unusual duck in the world of entertainment in that they generate more revenue than any other but are thought of as a niche part of the populace. Even though we know that this isn’t so but the majority of people seem to be having a hard time with video gaming as a legitimate medium or God forbid, an actual art form.

But, one method by which video game publishers and developers can break free from this mindset and make a difference, in their own unique method, is to develop stunning advertising campaigns that be seen all over the world. With catchy slogans and well-written copy these individuals can get players to recall their games in ways that you may not think about. When you realize it the game is over, it’s too for you!

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One of the main components of an advertisement is the logo employed for keeping the games in top form in the minds of players. Make something appealing and you could get the attention of someone else who might not even have an interest to play video games. We presume that you have some basic understanding of video games when you’re on this page. Do you think you’ll recognize the logos? Let’s take a look!