Can You Solve This Murder Mystery?

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You don’t know what time the package was delivered to your door. The package wasn’t there yesterday morning. You’ve been at home throughout the day. There’s no knock. No noise. There is no return email. There is no clue. Inside is a letter which says:

We are here for you and your loved ones. Don’t call us for help. We’re watching your every step. If you do not follow this instruction. Your loved ones will pass away. We’ll be there for you this evening. Don’t bring anything other than your skeptic mind. We just ask you to take part in the discussion. If you do, your loved family member will come back to you. If you solve the mystery, you’ll be lavishly rewarded. We’ll send you.”

Your heart begins to beat. You look at the clock. You initially thought it was an absurdity however, your beloved is supposed to have arrived back home in the next few minutes. You go to the windows. Nothing. What are you going to do? What do you have to do? Who are we? What are you supposed to go? A car is pulling up. Footsteps. Knocking.

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“Hello Professor Black.”

This isn’t your name.

“Tonight, you will be known as Mr. Black. Please, follow me. We will drive you where you need to go.”

What other options do you have?

You grab your coat.

You’re given instructions when you enter the car: “Demonstrate accurate suspiciousness to earn points. Identify the person behind it all to win.”

Are you ready to get out and play?

Can You Solve This Murder Mystery?