Choose The Stronger Superhero And We’ll Tell You If You Know Comics

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Superheroes are now officially a part of the world of entertainment and the public has shown that they are not getting tired of watching them come through for the good of the world. They are not just the most amazing superheroes dominating on large screens, they’re also formidable on the small screen too. Every week, that a new superhero movie is being announced every week, and as the characters get better with each release it is hard to imagine what the genre will look like in the next 10 years.

In the past year, Marvel has released several huge projects that are expected to hit 1 billion and, in the next this year DC is expected to achieve the same feat with the release of an update to Wonder Woman. This surge in popularity has resulted in a lot of readers giving the comics a shot. There is no better way to learn about the world of comics than getting behind the scenes and looking over the original material? Comics have been awe-inspiring to fans for a long time and, with some incredible creative teams churning out amazing comics, we can imagine that the art form will always delight the most discerning of fans.

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Today, we’d like test the knowledge of our viewers to the test and find out the extent to which they are familiar with their heroes. Select the most powerful superhero on each of the entries to find out who truly knows their stuff!