Design Your Perfect Villain And We’ll Tell You Which One You Actually Are

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The bottom line is that at the end it is the villains who are those who have the most enjoyment. They are the ones who have the best dialogue and the best reactions from the people who love them. In the end, there is some reason for us to make it a point to connect with the majority of them.

Film, television and comics have provided our readers some of the greatest and most well-tested villains of all. Some look cool and seem like people you’d enjoy drinking with, if they weren’t for the fact they were absolute evil. Some are an absolute mess of human beings that you can’t help but be at peace knowing that they are just fictional.

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But how far are truly from these characters? And if the situation were slightly different, what do you think you would end up becoming? Sinestro is quite amazing, however what happens if you got the Hypno-Hustler? Sure, Joker is enjoyable, but is he the kind of person you’d like to become?

Find out how adept you are in proving yourself.