If You Can’t Name These Country Singers, Take Off Your Cowboy Boots

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It is an type of music that began from America during the 20th century. It’s a distinct music genre that, through the years, has gathered many dedicated fans around the world. But, it has always been popular in America. The instruments you will typically hear in country music could include fiddles, acoustic instruments banjos, banjos, pianos harmonicas, and electric guitars in addition to many others.

In the past, some country musicians have attempted to create music that is more acceptable by including elements of pop music in their music. But, the majority of country artists keep to traditional country songs. Of course, singers from the country do not have to adhere to traditional country music and many have experimented with different music genres, and even traces of these styles often show up in their country tunes too.

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Country music has seen numerous amazing country singers. Many of the most popular country music stars are no anymore, but they continue to sing until today. The first decade of 2000 has seen an increase on the part of new country music stars.

So, how much of is a fan of the country genre do you consider yourself? In this test we’ve included both famous country musicians who have passed away or were popular in the 1980s and 1970s, as well as artists from the country genre who came into their careers recently.