Finish The Country Music Lyrics And We’ll Guess Everyone’s Favorite Country Star

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Everybody knows it is true that music from the Country genres is the most popular type of music that you can sing to!

It’s toe-tapping, snapping and grabbing your most beloved partner and get on the dance floor. There is nothing better than a classic country music song about loss, love redemption, love, and, of course, the best friendship. Country music can help us think of the high school years beginnings, first lovers and the most memorable nights will never be forgotten. It’s also a good reason to cry. The best country music makes us feel like calling our moms or hug our dogs, and become more human! The style of country music is getting even more exciting as influences from folk rock pop, hard rock hip-hop, and more are finding their way into our top songs. The genre-bending music that we play is the result of the new generation of artists who are making an impact on Nashville and beyond.

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It’s time to introduce everyone’s favorite music artist with this hilarious “finish your lyrics” test that lets country music fans pick the most appropriate lyrics to finish their favorite songs. Who would have thought that they were a country songwriter and singer at heart? Let’s get started.