Hardcore Grey’s Anatomy Fans Will Fail This Test. Can You Pass it?

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It’s not difficult to see it: Grey’s Anatomy is a force of nature. With a unique thirteenth season the show’s the show’s creator Shonda Rimes weaves an engaging medical drama with lots of humor. It isn’t afraid to tackle important social issues, such as sexuality, gender, race and class. It does this in a manner that keeps you entertained and enthused.

Relive the past twelve years of memories beginning from the humble beginnings of Seattle Grace to the giant which became Grey-Sloan Memorial. Let your favourites cry while they mourn the heartbreaking losses. Throw a the perfect mini-dance celebration along with Meredith and Cristina Make sure you get the Tequila. Go back to the most memorable moments of the show’s history to test your knowledge with the entire group.

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However, this isn’t just a normal exam. This quiz is designed for people who have a fervent love of the show, those who are die-hard people who watched a single episode, never thought about it again, but threw themselves into what would turn into an obsession that would last for a lifetime. We wept over the deaths, while many didn’t have a clue about who they were at the time so this is the test that will determine the true fan and who’s just enjoying the journey. The test will ask you 35 questions that determine whether you’ve passed your tests or need to return to your internship status. Do we start?