How Many Kids Should You Have?

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Apart from our fundamental necessities of water, food shelter, and affection humans also have a biological desire to reproduce. But just because we’re each born with this desire does not mean that we’ll all have the same number of children, or any children to be honest. You may have some thoughts regarding whether you’d like to have children and, in the event that you do, whether you’d prefer only one or have a large family But do you know the number of children you should actually be able to have based on your personal preferences?

This test does not look at the type of parent you’d like to be based on your ability to respond to specific situations, but rather examines the personality of your character and then determines how many children you’re likely to have based on the information. In the end the person you are as an individual is the most important indication of who you’ll be as an adult.

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Are you the ideal parent for a single child? Are three children not a crowd, but a perfect family size? Should you consider investing in a great deal of birth control, or do you need to start building an army of miniature-yous? You’ll need take the test to determine.