How Much Disk Space Do You Need for a Blog

When you are going to create a website for the first time, you need to think about 2 things. The first one is the domain name, and the second one is the hosting plan. When thinking about hosting plan the first thing that comes to mind is how much disk space do you need for a blog.

This is important. Because you will find some intricate details in your hosting package or someone wants to select a web hosting but doesn’t know which one is best for you.

Ok. In this guide, I will give you an estimated value about the disk space that you need to host your newly created website. Read on.

Which amount of Disk space really does a website need?

1. Disk Space for Small Websites

When you create your blog for the first time and install just a few plugins, you will not need disk space more than 1GB or so. But when your website grows in size when you upload the images and other files, you will need more than 1GB space.

But in general, a 1GB space is enough for a smaller website. This is without your websites’ backups. If you plan to keep your backups on your hosting server, then 1GB will not be enough.

The best option is to install the plugin so that your website backup can be saved in a remote location such as Dropbox.

If your site doesn’t contain much more images and other uploaded files, then 250MB is enough since the only 100MB on average need to install WordPress.

But if you create posts every day and upload pictures, then you need at least a 1GB space.

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need

The bandwidth is not a big issue for a smaller website. When you start your site for the first time, don’t think about the bandwidth limits. For a smaller website with less than 100 visitors per day doesn’t need more than 5GB  bandwidth per month. Today, almost all the web hosting providers give you enough bandwidth.

2. Disk Space for Medium Size Websites

If your website is up and running for months with a considerable number of articles like 200+, then you need some additional disk space to run WordPress without any issues. On average, you will need at least 4GB disk space at that time. But space can be more significant than that if you upload a big amount of images and pdf files. In that case, you will need a disk space more than 10GB sometimes.

When you have that amount of articles on your site, you may receive 1000 visitors per day sometimes.

Now you need a bandwidth of 50GB at least to stay safe. With those numbers (bandwidth and disk space), your website works well.

3. Disk Space for Larger Sites That Receive a High Amount of Traffic

Larger scale websites contain hundreds of thousands of articles, pages, and comments. The reason to have such amount of contents is they have been online for years and popular. For that kind of a site, 30GB or more space is needed.

Web Hosting With Unlimited Disk Spaces

Right now, most of the companies provide unlimited disk spaces to their customers. When you purchase a hosting package, take a look at the features they offer and decide which one is suitable for you.

Now you can estimate the disk space for your website if you have the question in your mind how much disk space do you need for a blog.