How to Buy a Domain That Someone Else Owns

Selecting the right domain for your website is crucial when establishing yourself online. But the problem comes when your desired domain name has been taken by some other person. Then you might need to know how to buy a domain that someone else owns.

Even you see some other great alternatives in search results related to your searched domain name still you might need to own the domain name that someone has already registered. Is there anything that can you do?

What to Do When Your Desired Domain Name is Taken?

What to do when you pick a domain and select a hosting provider, but your chosen domain name is already taken by some other person?. You may see some different alternative results ending with other domain extensions such as .biz, .xyz, .online, etc. instead of .com domain.

Still, if you need to buy that desired domain name ending with .com extension, you will need to enter the aftermarket domains world.

If you see the domain name has already been taken, but no website has been built then the person who bought the domain has bought it to sell it to a person to a higher price. We call this speculative purchases.

Here are the things that you need to do if you see your dream domain is not listed on the aftermarket. You may able to contact the current owner of the domain and asked him to sell the domain to you. But you will need to keep a few things in your mind. Those are budget and timing.

Set Your Budget

It is essential to think about the budget that you are willing to pay for the domain. First, think yourself how the other person who already bought the domain thinks about the domain. He or she has spent time and money to buy that domain. Maybe that person is actively using it.

So if you offer them $10, $50, or even $100, you will not get a response from them. Because that domain may be more valuable for the current owner.

Think about the value of the domain and get ready to offer them a fair price for the domain.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Even if you can contact the current owner of the domain and ask him to sell it to you, that will not happen in a single day.

You may need to contact the current owner of the domain at least a few times and negotiate a fair price with them, make the payment, and get the domain name moved to your account.

For all those things to happen, you will need at least a month or so.

4 Steps to Buy Your Desired Domain

Here are the most critical four steps that you need to follow to buy your dream domain that someone else already owns.

1. Find Out Who Has Purchased the Domain Name

The first step is to find information about the current domain name owner. You can do that by placing the domain name to WHOIS. Most of the time the email. The phone number of the person who owns the domain will be available there.

2. Reach Out the Person

After collecting the email and phone number of the person who owns the domain, you need to contact them.

3. Start Negotiating

Now the most important part begins. You need to ask them how much they need for the domain and how much you are willing to pay. Negotiating is an art and science.   

4. Pay Them and Transfer the Domain to Your Account

If all the things go in your way, then the last part is to pay them the amount that they ask for the domain. After paying the money, you need to transfer the ownership of the domain to you and move the domain to your account.

If you had the question on how to buy a domain that someone else owns in your mind, the above guide would be a perfect answer for you.