How Well Do We Know The Biggest Films Of 2018

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The year is drawing to an end and many are taking in the last days of it enjoying the holidays, spending time with their loved ones , and taking a break. We are looking forward to the new year and what it holds however there’s something that needs to talk about in the year 2018. Why? It was the catalyst for a lot of amazing films! There were action movies that kept us in the top on our feet. There were films with rom-coms which made us cry and smile, and hilarious comedy films that caused us to LOL. There were also dramas that won awards and superhero films that are being discussed and rewatched , and being praised.

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We have a questionabout the works mentioned above What is the level at which everyone who is reading this today, remember these films? Do we know who was in the lead in the most popular films in the past year? Do we have a clear memory of the plots of the most viewed films? Do we remember thrilling details from these movies? Let’s find out!

Below, you will find 35 different questions on various films from this year. We require everyone to think about and choose the best answers and/or guess which one is correct to be able to complete this quiz on film! Ready? Set? Go!