Would You Kindly Take This Quiz To Test Your Bioshock Knowledge?

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Bioshock was a game that very few games have ever managed to do. It changed the lives of many people. Anyone who played the game was shaken at the conclusion. It left a permanent impression in many players’ minds and will likely remain throughout their lives. The game was among those gamers would play for a whole day before realizing that it wasn’t an typical game they were playing. The game did a lot of things correctly. The idea was perfect. The creators were clear on the sort of world they wanted build and then provided us with a new world that we’ve never before seen: Rapture.

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From the moment the curtain is pulled back and Rapture is presented in all its splendor it’s clear that you’re going to be in for one hell of experience. Even the most ignorant gamers who took part in this game were confronted by bizarre thoughts and images that challenged how they viewed the world. The bizarre vision of the failing utopia of an underwater city sent out real, profound and frightening messages about the culture that we live in today. It will never forever be lost. The real question is: In the period of 10 years how are you have a grasp of Bioshock?