How Well Do You Know ‘The Wire’?

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Instead of trying to lure you in with a snarky the remark of an old scene in Instead of introducing you to a stale moment from Wire, I’ll let the show’s creator David Simon take it from here.

“The Wire was intended as an attack about drug wars which , as for me is a war that targets the most vulnerable. However, it’s also a story about the consequences that occur when institutions deviate from their original purpose, which is to rule us all in the best way possible. If they begin to become self-sustaining, serving the interests of people and deviate from their responsibilities and become a utopia like the one that we depicted. In the end, we tried to draw attention to the drug-related war through portraying the war on drugs however, in the end the dystopia served as an argument in favor of the city in a different manner or at least we wanted it to be. could remain .”

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From June 2002 until March 2008, when the show has just celebrated its 15th anniversary — Wire was Wirewas something completely different. There weren’t any villains in the week, there were no happy endings and there was no absconding with the real world. It was a ballad of an American city with its highs, but was than that, it was buried in a pattern of lows, due to all the things that were interconnected.

Today, we’ll test your knowledge of the show The Wirebecause It’s not like anyone knows that Omar is carrying a shotgun, or that certain actors ended up in The Walking Dead. What we’ll be saying is there’s major spoilersfor each season. If you’ve not seen even one single episode, now isn’t the time to take the test.

Ready? Let’s do it!