If You Can’t Make It Through This Quiz, You’ll Never Get A Girlfriend

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With the rise of social media and the plethora of dating apps on the market in the present, you might think it will be more simple than ever before to find an attractive girlfriend. But , unfortunately, nothing could be farther than the reality.

It’s been discovered that this reliance of technology has made us increasingly socially uninformed. In the end, why engage a woman and try to ask to meet her when you can just send her a flirtatious SMS message to try the waters? Actually, why avoid the whole process of dating a woman because there are numerous adult websites which can satisfy all your desires?

The short answer is that you’ll live your life in solitude. A girlfriend is much more than just awkward first dates or having a great time in the bed. It’s about creating a lasting relationship with someone who could lead to marriage or even a family.

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In the wake of the plethora of these horrible sexual harassment allegations, it’s becoming more and more apparent that there are plenty of creepy men who have no clue about how to treat women. It’s likely that you’re not as bad as those. However, there’s the real possibility that you’re just so timid that you don’t get the courage to actually approach to meet a girl.

Let’s check if we really have the skills to meet a girl, or if you’re destined to be a lonely, unloved soul for the rest of your life.