If You Can’t Pass This Eminem Quiz, Don’t Call Yourself A Rap Fan

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Some people are iconic because of their contributions to a particular genre of entertainment, whether we like it or otherwise. These people will be part of our cultural consciousness forever. Eminem is one of these people. He has made a name for himself in an industry that was reluctant to accept him. We believe that Eminem has done his fair share and, while there have been some bad decisions in his past, there are many things in his discography worth your respect.

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We are aware that Eminem is not for everyone. However, we thought it was worth a try to make Eminem more interesting. This quiz should prove that you are a huge fan of Eminem or rap history. This quiz will allow you to show people that Eminem is a true fan.

Are you ready to find out how big of an Eminem fan are you? Are you ready to put your rap knowledge to test? Let’s get going!