If You Fail This Dating Quiz, You’re A Certified Nice Guy

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Do girls like nice guys? Do they prefer jerks. It’s a question that many are trying to solve for a long time and the jury isn’t out on the verdict. Many people have noticed that the old adage appears to be the case: The nice guys come in last. But is this really the case? You’ll have to talk to the girls for the truthful answer. And even then, each girl is unique. Some women might not wish to reveal to their friends or themselves they’re attracted by jerks more than nice men.

In any case, it’s not a good thing when girls think you’re an “nice guy.” That’s something that a lot of men view as the final straw similar to the hated “friendzone.” Sometimes , it’s difficult to know which girls are actually seeing you. We don’t have access to their minds for sure. However, we have the ideal method for your needs. Simply take this test and we’ll determine the way girls view you. Do they view you as an unlikable person? Or do they think of that you’re a decent man? You only have one option to know. Tell us what you do in these scenarios, and we’ll reveal to the worldhow women actuallysee them…

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