If You Fail This Super Geeky Test, You’re The Worst Geek Ever!

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It’s interesting to think that not too long ago that people did whatever it took to disguise the geekiness they actually were, considering that it wasn’t acceptable to refer to them as such when we were in the past. We’ve come to an age in which people are much more comfortable the kind of person they are, particularly in regards to what kinds of things and experiences are what make them happy. Today, you can boast the fact that you’re geek, or a fan of nerds and expect many others around to shake their heads and say they agree.

We decided to celebrate this shift in the way we conduct ourselves by creating a test which will test your geekiness. If you consider yourself to be an nerd or geek or a geek, then this is the kind of test that will test that you are the kind of person you actually are. This is the right time test your skills to the test and find out whether it’s true to declare that you’re one of the geeks who are living proudly within us.

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Are you prepared to test your geek credentials the test? These questions will be you can determine the question of whether you are a geek, by test you on everything from comics and video games. It’s time for you to determine the extent of a geek you are!