If You Score Less Than 100% On This Quiz, You’re Definitely Gay

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In the last couple of years the world has become much more accepting of homosexuality. This is, certainly, positive. With couples who are identical to each other able to stroll down the streets with one another with no fear of getting snubbed increasing numbers of people are starting to consider their sexuality. Women and men who in earlier times would have made the decision to commit to being with only with the opposite gender are now beginning to question whether they might be members in the LGBT community, without being conscious of it.

Some people might consider their sexual orientation to be a beautiful black and white matter and have very little or no difficulties deciding which side they’re on, other might find it difficult to determine their exact gender a bit harder. The most reliable method to determine if you’re straight, gay or bisexual , is to have kisses (or even more) with someone of the same sexuality. Some people consider this to be too high of a gamble and aren’t eager to make the leap. This is why we created this test.

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If you’re unsure about your sexuality, these questions will bring you closer towards the reality. Each question is intended to establish your sexuality and reveal you to your self. A score lower than 100% and you’re almost certainly gay.