Is Your BFF Secretly Into You? Take The Quiz!

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Is there a friend you really like? Perhaps you grew up together, and it eventually blossomed into love. You might not be reading the signs correctly, but you may be. Ever wonder if the person of the opposite gender is only interested in you because they like you, or if they really want to be with you? It’s not your intention to end a friendship you have been enjoying for so long. How do you find out if someone is interested in you?

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They might be very good at hiding their feelings about you, and have been doing so for a while. Because you share such close bonds, it can be difficult to tell if your best friend is into someone you are. You might mistake flirtation for them having fun with their best friend. What should you do? To find out if your best friends are really into you, take our quiz. You might be surprised at the results.