It Will Take An Actual Genius To Get Over 70% On This Brand Logo Quiz

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What are the characteristics of a great brand logo? It’s difficult to measure at times to be certain, but usually there are a variety of common features that distinguish a quality logo from the crowd. A great logo should be created, memorable and with high-contrast to allow it to be a hit with potential customers as well as people in general. Logos do change and adapt, they redesign. Sometimes , the logos we associate with from our childhood aren’t like the ones we see in our current. This poses a unique issue for both shoppers and producers as the logo has to be appealing enough to justify the shift.

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This brings us to the test. This quiz consists of several different logos, both modern and old and slightly altered in a number of important ways. Some of them were created from scratch, while others are modified from the original however, there’s a commonality for all of them: they’re difficult to figure out. We’re not trying to toot our own self-promotion We believe that this is our most challenging logo-related quiz yet and will require an absolute genius to score more than 70 percent. Are you willing to be the first to prove us not to be right?