Match The Hockey Logo To The Team

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Hockey is a fast-paced sport that has constant forward and reverse action, with extremely few stoppages. This continuous action is one of the reasons that people love hockey and have been avid fans since they first watched their first game. The players of hockey typically play for between 30 seconds and one minute in the average, before switching with another teammate. As a result, when compared to football, which typically plays for over 90 minutes, or basketball, which a player is able to play for as long as 30-minutes, shorter periods of time let players give their best during every game.

One of the distinct characteristics of hockey, in comparison to other sports such as basketball in that brawls take place every night. While brawls do not affect the outcome of the game (either either positively or negatively) they are entertaining for the spectators who are enthralled by the violence. Contrary to what those who don’t like hockey, you actually can watch the puck on high-definition television.

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Like fans of the National Basketball Association, players of the NHL, the other hockey leagues, or even hockey generally, are able to be able to identify a team the logo of their team.

So, for all the hockey enthusiasts and fans in your lives let’s put that knowledge on the line! Let’s see how many the following hockey logos can connect to the appropriate team: