20 Questions Every Office Fan Knows About Michael Scott And 15 Only Pam Could Get Right

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If there’s a TV show we can’t stop watching is The Office. The hilarious show has been on the high of charts every year since the first episode aired in 2005. With 9 perfect seasons have ended and we’re all having difficulties adjusting to the fact that the show we love has gone away. We are fortunate that there’s no way anybody will get bored of watching this show over and over.

If you consider the situation, Pam Beasley is a mother model for Michael Scott, which is very awkward since he’s several years older than her. Despite their differences in age, Pam tends to baby Michael while making sure that Michael makes the right choices. It’s true that Pam could be irritated by Michael’s erratic demands and mood shifts, but she’s able to tell the right words to use to help him return to his normal persona.

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The pressure of working with someone as complex as Michael Scott is difficult to take however, ultimately, Pam has always believed that Michael was a nice person with a heart of gold. Pam and Michael’s bond is unlike anything The Office has even seen. When you think about this it’s not shocking to learn the fact that Pam was Michael’s right hand woman. Have you met Michael as well as Pam does?