Can You Match These NBA Players To Their Jersey Numbers?

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In the NBA, basketball NBA was never so competitive, thanks to the number of skilled players. If Bill Russell played in the 1950s and 1960s there was a lot lesser competition, and few players were able to dominate the league. Today, players like Bill Russell, Michael Jordan as well as Magic Johnson are idolized for their talents and experience in taking home NBA Championships. Today, players can pick the number of their jersey from an historical player they admire or pick one that is unique to them.

This number is among the most popular jersey numbers worn by the NBA due to its depiction that of Michael Jordan. Players like Ron Artest, Wesley Matthews as well as Quentin Richardson have worn 23 along with others in this test. The number of a jersey won’t boost the skill of a player but it does let other fans and players to recognize their.

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It’s unclear the reason NBA players don’t choose a number for their basketball jerseys that is over 55. However, there has been a suggestion that it’s because big numbers appear odd on an NBA jersey.

Test your understanding of NBA players by trying to guess the number of their jerseys. Only an NBA professional will be able to get more than 80% on this test. Best of luck!