Not Even Jughead Jones Could Pass This Riverdale Season 1 Quiz

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Riverdale is a relatively new TV show which has had two seasons so far and the third season will premiere at the end of October. The show is a loose re-creation that of the comic-book series in which the characters have their names. Season 1 of Riverdale begins as the new school year begins and what they believe was the missing case for the young Jason Blossom turns into a unsolved case that proves the end to his existence was not an accident. When this information comes to come to light the twin sister of his Cheryl Blossom is of course the primary suspect in the investigation, due to the fact that she was the last to meet the man, and now with the new evidence, the original story of hers is proved to be false.

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However, Cheryl liked her brother very much and claimed they were best of friends and almost irreparable. Cheryl was later proven to have not been at fault for this crime and was extremely angry about the reality of being charged. There were many others who faced questions as speculations about the motive surfaced. It wasn’t just Sheriff and his police department trying to determine the truth behind the suspect. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones worked together to solve the mystery for themselves.