On A Scale Of Crazy To Cute, How Would You Rate Your Girlfriend’s Behavior?

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Although everyone is used to watching movies that show couples who instantly fall into love, this concept of this fairytale love is actually a subject of intense criticism in recent times. Even Disney has begun to mock the notion that people fall in love on first sight and that no one living in reality could ever think of entering an engagement with someone they just had the pleasure of meeting. It is essential for people to meet one another before making such a big of a decision and the best way to do this is to do it through dating.

But dating can be difficult in the present as individuals do not follow the same guidelines for courtship as they did in the times gone by. There’s no set duration for how long couples are supposed to be dating prior to getting engaged. Couples often get married long before deciding on the wedding date. In a world filled with confusion, it’s difficult to remember whether one is the perfect person to marry. Check out your relationship right now and assess your girlfriend’s behaviour to determine where she stands on a scale ranging from insane to adorable and find out whether she’s truly the perfect match for you.

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