Only A Dude Can Name All Of These WWE Stars

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a long and distinguished background that spans decades and has a long list of notable wrestlers whose names have been embraced by the public. Its roots actually go back in 1952, at the time Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt established it as Capital Wrestling Corporation. Then, it became The World Wide Wrestling Federation and the World Wrestling Federation before changing to WWE in 2002 following an unresolved legal issue over World Wildlife Fund. World Wildlife Fund.

In its time the organization has evolved from a regional organization to become the world’s most renowned wrestling organization; to ensure that the WWE seem like an aspiring hockey player who makes the NHL or a football player who is making the NFL. This is the aim of many of, if not all wrestlers and countless have had the opportunity to claim they have achieved their dreams. Beginning with to the Golden Age stars of the 1980s and the early 1990s through the Attitude Era stars and current superstars, there has been a variety of talent working for the WWE. Some have achieved incredible success but others were just a spark in the pan that did not last long enough to sustain their achievement. We’re sure that you know the most famous wrestlers from the company however, can you spot those who aren’t as well-known? Try the test and discover the answers for yourself.

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