Only A Fan Of The Classics Can Get 100% On This Mary Poppins Quiz

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Mary Poppins is one of our favorite of the Disney classics. The actresses and actors do fantastic job in portraying the characters and taking on their characters. The story is full of stories of adventure and life lessons, as well as family and friendship. It’s a wonderful depiction of the times of the time and the progress that was taking place in the relationships of the day that included parents and children or wives and husbands or employees as well as their employees. The classic also offered an unforgettable soundtrack, with songs that work for anyone of all ages and for a myriad of diverse things to do (including cleaning up the house). Mary Poppins has also been the basis for many other movies such as Nanny McPhee with Emma Thompson and it launched Julie Andrews’ career, which we are grateful to for your support. The remake is set to release on December 1st of the year. Let’s pray that the remake of the film is similar to the original one and doesn’t degrade the wonderful childhood memories we have of the sweet, loving stunning, wonderful and of course the sassy, nanny who Mary Poppins.

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