Only A Real Fan Can Ace This Trailer Park Boys Quiz

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The Trailer Park Boys is the small-scale show that can. Beginning as a low budget pilot, it soon gained acclaim for being one of the most entertaining (and most affordable) original Canadian comedy shows of all time.

The story follows three friends along with a host of other characters, in their hometown that is Sunnyvale Trailer Park as the trio attempt to evade the police and an over-zealous park manager in an attempt to earn a life that is not ruined by criminality.

The show was created as a mockumentary and is one of the most raunchiest TV shows available on Netflix at the moment, yet it has some wholesome aspects and a blend that gives the show its distinctive feel. The boys weren’t content from just TV. They also have a complete collection of special-episodes and three feature-length films too. In addition, they have the entire website with original content that includes the weekly podcast that viewers can indulge in the content if they’ve not had enough from the show.

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The boys are now heading towards their 12th year as Trailer Park Boys, and some fans are saying that the show’s end because of the death of John Dunsworth who played Jim Lahey and was a key element of the comedy aspect of the current Netflix show. We will miss you, John.

So, are you yourself a big fan of Sunnyvale and the Trailer Park Boys? Do this test to find out!