Only Real Spidey Fans Can Get 100% On This Spider-Man Movie Quiz

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Although Spider-Man only has been seen in movies since 2002 the character already has a long-running history in movies. It all began with the films created by the director Sam Raimi, which not just finally brought Spider-Man onto the screen, but also changed how people saw films featuring superheroes. They weren’t just light pieces of gimmicky entertainment. They could be genuine stories that had emotion and drawn characters. In the time between Spider-Manand the X-Men the look of the superhero film was beginning to shift, generally to the good.

There was a huge demand for Spider-Man films, and one the studio Sony Pictures was willing to meet, given how much money these films were able to generate. But, at some moment, the formula was not functioning anymore, so Sony Pictures decided to change things slightly. They brought in a brand new director, commissioned a brand new Spider-Man and then created an entirely new series. This was a weird concept to some, given how the Raimi films were good and didn’t require an overhaul. But, the choice led to another rebooted Spider-Man that was a part of in the MCU that did well to please everyone at the final.

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It’s going to take a serious Spider-Man film enthusiast to be able to answer these questions, and even some about the most recent animated Spider-Man film in the canon!